Photobook Worldwide chooses to automate data pipelines and attribution modeling

pbww chooses

Singapore, 06 December 2020 – Photobook Worldwide, an e-commerce business that provides a unique experience in preserving meaningful memories through fully customizable premium printed photo albums choses to automate their data pipelines. Established in 2005 in Malaysia, Photobook Worldwide currently hold offices in Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines serving over 100 countries globally.

A big part of Photobook Worldwide’s business is conducted via in app purchases. Through close collaboration between both companies, AppsFlyer was integrated and is now being offered as the latest connector for new and existing customers.


photobook worldwide is utilised to normalize, connect and model data from



After applying a data driven attribution model down to a keyword/ad level, the data is streamed into PostgreSQL via’s API.

From there it can be consumed and joined with additional data points for further analytics from the performance marketing and BI team.

Having the whole data flow automated, helps to Photobook Worlwide to free up time spent on manually transforming data and allows them to focus on insights and optimisations.



It has been a great collaboration with Windsor thus far. We have saved significant man hours that goes into reporting which is now automated for both App & Web platforms. Apart from the data driven attribution that Windsor stands for, it also helps us in aggregating data from all media platforms and shares a consolidated view with comparison of multiple attribution that makes correlation and analysis much simpler.

Prabhu Krishnamoorthy

Head of Performance Marketing

Photobook Worldwide

“The close collaboration between Photobook Worldwide, AppsFlyer and, helped to bring add a new connector in a few weeks time.” says Matthias Kraaz, COO of “Our team is thankful to get such a close interaction with our clients and partners. This helps us build a product which is very closely aligned with our customers needs.”

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