Connect ShipHero to Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a simple way to capture, share, and analyze your ShipHero data and any other business information in a tabular format. exports data from ShipHero to Google Sheets using a codeless connector, meaning you do not need any coding skills or code maintenance. The connector works in minutes by following simple steps. Our connector supports automatic data synchronization and automated reports.

Connect ShipHero to Google Sheets

Why do I need ShipHero and Google Sheets integration?

Exporting data from ShipHero to Google Sheets prepares the data for storage, visualization, and analytics without incurring high data costs. Since Google Sheets is an online spreadsheet solution, your synchronized data can be shared easily, enhancing collaboration and teamwork. The following are the benefits of integrating ShipHero and Google Sheets:


Cost-efficient data integration and management

Google Sheets is a free spreadsheet solution. Integrating ShipHero and Google Sheets reduces the costs of capturing, storing, and managing your application’s data. Further, you can share and analyze the data more efficiently in Google Sheets. Integrating ShipHero and Google Sheets is an effective way to manage data without high data costs.


Enhance data sharing and collaboration

Google Sheets makes it easier to share and collaborate on your ShipHero data. With Google Sheets features, different users can analyze the data for their needs without changing the dataset. Working in Google Sheets is also a more secure way of sharing your ShipHero data than sending data directly from ShipHero.


Automate reporting and performance monitoring

Integrating ShipHero and Google Sheets can power your efforts for automated reporting and performance monitoring. You can build express dashboards in Google Sheets to automatically produce a report whenever the data connection to ShipHero is updated. Using real-time dashboards, you can also monitor the performance of your D2C e-commerce by monitoring order fulfillment in real time. Automation cuts the time-to-insights and supports fast decision-making.


Improve business outcomes

The whole purpose of integrating data is to anchor data-driven decisions. Integrating ShipHero and Google Sheets informs data-driven decisions for your e-commerce business, with the expected outcome being improved business outcomes, including increased e-commerce sales.

How to connect ShipHero to Google Sheets

It is very simple to connect ShipHero to Google sheets, it can be done in a fast and easy manner with


Connecting ShipHero Data Source to


1. Register

Register or login if you already have an account.

 2. Select your source
You need to select ShipHero as a Data Source and Grant Access to

ShipHero connector

3. Select Destination
In the Preview & Destination page select Google Sheets Data Destination and Copy your API key.


google sheets destination

Next Step:

You can choose between two options:


Option 1: Advanced and for large data volumes

  1. Click this link to install the Google Sheets add-on
  2. Go to Extension – Ad Data and Analytics by – Login
  3. Enter your API key: [your API Key] and click Login
  4. Start using the add-on in Google Sheets from the Add-ons menu in Extension – Ad Data and Analytics by – Get Data into Sheet in Google Sheets document and select your fields


Option 2: Quickstart

  • Copy the snippet below into your Google Sheet. Only works for fast queries below 60 seconds, use the add-on in case of issues.
  • The URL works as an API data feed and the fields can be adjusted with the parameters in the URL.
  • You can add any field that is available in the data sources you have added.

    =IMPORTDATA(“[your API Key]&date_preset=last_28d&fields=account_name,clicks,date&_renderer=googlesheets")

    and replace  [your API Key] with your API key. The list of selected fields must contain a date field. The fields which are listed after &fields= are simply a set of standard fields which you can customise. A full list of metrics and dimensions can be found in our ShipHero connector documentation. Customise the URL to your liking.


What is ShipHero?

ShipHero is software designed to help e-commerce businesses track warehouse operations. The platform is handy for businesses engaged in D2C e-commerce. Using ShipHero, businesses can track orders, fulfillment, and other related performance metrics. ShipHero helps businesses improve downstream operations by streamlining order fulfillment and product delivery to clients.

What is Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is a cloud-based spreadsheet application similar to Excel. It enables the recording of data in rows and columns. Formulas in Google Sheets are useful for shaping and analyzing data. Additionally, Google Sheets has many other features, including charts, conditional formatting, and pivot tables, that help with data analysis. Being an online application means the data recorded in Google Sheets can be shared easily.

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