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    TV advertising is one of the oldest and most prestigious forms of advertising for brands and enterprises for many decades. Although digital media is creeping rapidly, TV advertising still holds a strong position for brand awareness and customer acquisition for Enterprise Brands globally.

    However, with so many dispersed, offline and online marketing channels, it becomes challenging for enterprises to measure the real impact of TV advertising.

    TV Advertising Performance Measurement with Windsor

    Windsor’s revolutionary TV Ads Performance Management Software brings in and connects marketing performance data from all channels, whether it’s online or offline. With our TV Advertising Performance evaluation, our customers can quickly view and evaluate how impactful TV Advertising is in driving brand awareness, traffic and customers.

    Using Windsor TV Ads Performance Software , you can instantly visualize the spend and the attributed revenues for TV advertising.

    how TV advertising helps in improving marketing performance
    calculation of the ROAS for TV advertising campaign

    What Clients Say provided much more than we expected! The technical insights combined with the business-acumen and data-expertise were exactly what we needed!

    Urs Jaschke – Leader Digital Business, AMAG

    One reason we chose is because of their independence of any publishers or media companies. It brings real transparency into our media-buy.

    Isaac Poh – Asia Pacific Digital Marketing Lead, Schroders

    I have talked to 14 different attribution providers but this is the best I have seen!

    Patrick Brown – Flintanalytics

    Now I finally have the tools and insights to make real decisions.

    Marian Solga – Head of Performance Marketing

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