Connect Stripe to Google BigQuery with

Stream all your payments and subscription data from Stripe to Google BigQuery

About Stripe

Stripe is an online payment processing for internet businesses. Stripe offers a suite of payment APIs that powers commerce for online businesses of all sizes, including fraud prevention, and subscription management. With Stripes payment platform companies can accept and process payments online.

About Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery is a cloud based data warehouse. It allows flexible scaling and is a commonly used Platform as a Service solution.

First step:

You need to select Stripe as a Data Source and Grant Access to

Second Step:

you will need to go to Select  Destination to choose where do you want to send your data.

Third Step:

In this case Select Google BigQuery As A Data Destination

 (Don’t forget to grant access to

Make sure you follow the instructions on the screen. Once you complete the setup your data will start streaming in the interval you specify. You can always come back and change the settings at a later stage.

Fourth Step:

  1. As a connector URL you can use any URL providing a JSON. Either from the connectors or for example a URL with cached and transformed data from

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Stripe metrics and dimensions available for streaming into Google BigQuery

AmountNUMERICThe transaction amount
Balance amountNUMERICThe balance amount currently on your Stripe account.
Balance currencyTEXTThe balance three-letter ISO currency code, in lowercase.
Balance bank account amountNUMERICBreakdown of balance by bank account.
Balance card amountNUMERICBreakdown of balance by card.
Balance FPX amountNUMERICBreakdown of balance by FPX.
CurrencyTEXTThe transaction three-letter ISO currency code, in lowercase.
DescriptionTEXTTransaction Description
EmailTEXTThe email address of the customer placing the order.
Transaction feeNUMERICThe transaction fee
Net AmountNUMERICNet amount of the transaction, in pence.
Refund amountNUMERICThe refund amount.
Refund currencyTEXTThe refund three-letter ISO currency code, in lowercase.
Refund descriptionTEXTThe refund description.
Refund IDTEXTThe refund id.
Refund reasonTEXTReason for the refund.
Refund statusTEXTStatus of the refund.
StatusTEXTThe transaction status
Transaction amountNUMERICThe transaction amount
Transaction currencyTEXTThe transaction three-letter ISO currency code, in lowercase.
Transaction descriptionTEXTThe transaction description
Transaction emailTEXTThe email address of the customer placing the order.
Transaction fee (same as fee)NUMERICThe transaction fee
Transaction ID (same as transactionid)TEXTThe transaction id
Transaction net amountNUMERICNet amount of the transaction.
Transaction statusTEXTThe transaction status
Transaction typeTEXTThe transaction type
Transaction IDTEXTThe transaction id
TypeTEXTTransaction Type Easily connect Stripe to Google BigQuery

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