13 PPC Strategies to try out in 2024

ppc strategies google ads in 2023

The New Year has just begun and if you are still working around old PPC strategies, then it’s time for you to add the latest ones to your list. After all, you got to become the PPC master and make the most out of your campaigns in 2023.

Many businesses use PPC management software to manage their campaigns which is a nice way to adjust the cost per click of their campaigns. However, this software is not sufficient enough to help you create a successful PPC campaign strategy.

You need to test and implement various strategies that are up to date because Google is continuously bringing the latest updates for ads. You have to keep up if you want to stay on top of your game.

Selecting the right PPC strategy has a lot to do with the nature of your business and your goals. However, there are a few latest strategies that can help you get better outcomes regardless of your niche. Here is the list of 13 PPC strategies that you should try to stay ahead in 2024.


Table of content:

  1. Make use of Promotion extentsion
  2. Set Your PPC Voice Search in Mind
  3. Give More Attention to Mobile-specific PPC ads
  4. Stand out from your Competitors using Target outranking share
  5. Set Location bid adjustment to target the right visitors 
  6. Place a targeted cost per conversion
  7. Utilize Negative Keywords wisely
  8. Adding and tracking call extension
  9. Adding dynamic keywords in your ads
  10. Re-marketing lists for search ads
  11. Maximize your budget efficiently 
  12. Give Importance to audience in your campaigns 
  13. Improve your call to actions


Best PPC Campaigns Strategies for 2024

1 – Make Use of Promotion Extension

Promotion extension provides extra attention and visibility to your PPC ad because it enables people to get the ideal deal that your business is offering. This strategy is very effective as it grabs the attention of a visitor, especially the deal seekers, in no time.

The promotion extension is displayed under your ad in a user-friendly format.

Google Ads Promotion Extension: PPC Strategies

How to make use of Promotion Extension the best way?

A great way to utilize promotion extension is to add the occasional events like ‘New Year,’ ‘Christmas,’ ‘Black Friday’ etc. It is one of the best times to get the maximum benefit from it. You should also enable mobile preference as well so that mobile users can also view them.

Don’t worry about updating them because it is also quite an effortless process. You don’t have to add new text every time, just set the occasion name, and you are done.

According to Google, ad extensions have the capability to boost the CTR up to 15%. So, don’t neglect the importance of these this year.


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2 – Set Your PPC Keeping Voice Search in Mind

Voice search is also becoming very common, thanks to smart home devices. However, many advertisers do not focus on it as much as they should. The common reasons for this include the insufficient volume of voice searches they get or unable to recognize these search queries accurately.

The queries of voice search are longer compared to normal search queries so you should make sure that you optimize your voice search the right way.

Voice Search Strategy for Google Ads: Best PPC Strategies in 2023


How to create a winning Voice Search Strategy for PPC?

  • The first step is to check if your campaigns are getting voice searches.
  • Get the search query report from ad words.
  • Filter all the relevant search queries.
  • Use a keyword tool to finalize the keywords for your voice search.
  • Include negative keywords but make sure that you add research-based negative keywords.


Voice searches typically exhibit a more extended and conversational style, often manifesting as questions, like, ‘I need 200 dollars now‘ This is in contrast to typed queries, which might be more concise, such as ‘bankomatas near me.’ To pinpoint specific searched terms or long-tail phrases for creating a specific ad group or refining existing ad copy, review your campaign’s Search Queries report or utilize Google’s Keyword Planner.


3 – Give More Attention to Mobile-Specific PPC ads

Mobile-specific PPC ads are getting great attention. More than 60 percent of marketers are spending a huge budget on mobile-specific ads because they are getting considerable results from these ads.

Before investing your budget on these ads, ensure that your website is well optimized for mobile users. If your website is taking too long to load on mobile devices, then it is better to resolve this issue and then proceed further with mobile PPC ads.

Mobile Ads PPC Strategy in 2023


Best Practices For Mobile Based PPC Ads

  • Work on your website first to deliver an outstanding mobile experience to your users.
  • Place ad extensions in your ads.
  • Use enticing keywords to help the user take decision rapidly.
  • Add offers and incentives to your ads.
  • Optimize your ads according to the perfect day and time using day parting feature of ad words.
  • Include emojis in your ads to deliver your message instantly

Do you know that without mobile based PPC ads, you are missing around 45 percent of your click and almost 27 percent of your visitor? See how.


4 – Stand Out From Your Competitors Using Target Outranking Share

This PPC strategy works extremely well to outrank any of our competitors on the Google search engine tactically. The bid of your Google Ads adjusts automatically using this technique so that you can outrank the ads of your competitor, but it is restricted to the campaigns of the search network you are targeting so make sure you target the right search network.

Well, if I just start listing the benefits of this strategy, then this might not sound more interesting to you. So, it’s better to show you some real life example.

See how Lazada which is one of the leading online shopping malls of Southeast Asia use this strategy and enhance the traffic of their website by 30 %.


How this strategy actually works?

The First step is to pick the campaign and view a complete picture of your competitor’s strength by simply clicking the ‘Selected’ button under the ‘Detail’ tab. It will display an in-depth report so that you can see which competitor is outranking you. This report will also show you the number of times your ads go up in comparison to the ad of the listed advertiser.

In the next step, you can easily spot out all the domains where your outrank share was lower compared to your competitors.

So, now you got the domains which you want to outrank using the target outranking share. It’s time to implement this technique now.

Click on ‘Target Outrank Share’ under ‘Bid Strategy’. Mention the name of the domain you want to outrank, set the ‘Target to outrank’ tab, ‘Maximum bid limit’ tab and the ‘Bid Automation’.

Note that automated bids give the authority of bid adjustment to the Google Ads whereas, in the manual bids, you need to set the bids manually.


5 – Set Location Bid Adjustment to Target the Right Visitors

Remember, it’s not all about visitors, but the right visitors that are interested in your product/service.

Imagine your online store that is getting around ten thousand visitors in a week, but only fifty of them are converting into customers. Then there is something wrong with your customer targeting which you definitely need to optimize.

Location bid strategy is the perfect solution for all those businesses having the issue discussed above. Using this strategy, you can make sure that you are investing your budget in the area where it should be spent for maximum getting the maximum outcomes.

Location bid PPC Strategy in 2023


The real question here is how to do that.

Don’t Worry! It’s not rocket science.

Simply open your Google Ads account, locate the settings tab of the campaign you want to set the location. You will see the location tab there, click this tab, and it will show you all the locations that you are targeting using that campaign.

On the same tab, you will also see the ‘Bid adj’ tab along with the ‘Clicks tab’. The clicks tab will tell you the real story regarding how many clicks you are actually getting from a specific location. It will actually give you the correct idea about which locations you should increase the limit of your bid and where to decrease it.

Now, you have to click on the ‘Bid adj’ tab to set your bids. You can set them by specifying percentage to all your targeted locations.

See the types of bid adjustment in detail and understand how it works.


6 – Place a Targeted Cost per Conversion

Conversion optimization is an excellent strategy to keep a stable cost per conversion among your ads. It allows you to get all your conversions under a specific budget. You can set it on a single campaign as well as on multiple campaigns.

But you need to make sure that you have set up the conversion tracking feature otherwise you will not be able to correctly optimize it.


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How does it work?

When you set conversion tracking on your campaigns, it allows Google Ads to notice an optimal CPC of your bids. These bids are considered as an average CPA that is utilized by Google to target among your campaigns.

Suppose you set a targeted CPA of $5, then Google Ads will place the CPC bid around that cost automatically to drive conversions. Targeted CPA is calculated on the basis of historical data like 15 conversions of your last month.

For that reason, it is necessary to consider your CPC target to ensure that it’s not on the lower side because if the last conversions that ad words had tracked come under the period where you were not getting enough conversions, then it can negatively affect your recent campaign.

To understand this strategy further, see how a B2C Ecommerce company reduces the cost by 50% and doubled their conversion rate.


7 – Utilize Negative Keywords Wisely

Either you are expert in using Google Ads or a beginner; you must have definitely heard about the use of negative keywords in your ad campaigns. Well, no doubt that they play a major role in boosting the ROI of your ads. But, still, many advertisers ignore this technique and become the victim of driving an unsuccessful Google Ads Strategy.

Utilize Negative Keywords: Best PPC Strategies


So, what are negative keywords?

To keep things simple let’s consider that you are a PPC manager of a bakery that used to sell chocolate cakes. The negative keywords, in that case, can be chocolate cake recipe, baking tips of chocolate cake, how to make chocolate cake, etc.

When you place those negative keywords in your ad campaign, it will block the visitors to come to your site who are typing those keywords. By doing this, you can easily control the quality of traffic towards your website because you surely don’t feel happy with massive unwanted visitors having no interest in your business.


8 – Adding and Tracking Call Extension

Call extension makes things easy for customers because it allows them to contact you right away after seeing your Ads. Including call extensions in your ads can have a positive impact on your click-through rates because the extra information that is listed with your ad provides additional information to the customers regarding your business.

It is one of the best PPC strategies for local businesses to maximize their conversions. Seventy percent of mobile searches make use of click to call feature. This information was revealed by Ipsos after conducting a survey that was commissioned by Google.


How can you make use of this feature?

Steer the Ad extension tab in your Google Ads account and then click call extensions tab which is under the new extension tab.

Now, you have to simply fill some details like country and phone number. You should also tick the call metrics for the tracking purpose.


9 – Adding Dynamic Keyword in Your Ads

Dynamic Keyword Insertion is an outstanding strategy that dynamically updates the text of your ad by adding the most exact matched keyword from the term searched by your customers. But, there are many factors that you need to consider if you want this strategy to work well for you.

Dynamic Keyword Ads Strategy: Best PPC Strategies


The first thing is to avoid the use of the wrong code. Even if you use inappropriate capitalization and miss any bracket or use the wrong bracket or any other minor mistake, it will completely go wrong for you.

Misspelled words are another major concern to notice because if you enter the wrong spelling of your keyword, then it will show the misspelled ad.

Using brand keywords is also not a good idea because if you insert any brand keyword in your headline, then your ad will not look similar to the landing page of your business.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion has the power to increase your click-through rate and conversion rate.


10 – Re-marketing Lists for Search Ads

This strategy is very powerful if you want to customize your ad according to the preference of your previously visited visitors. When a visitor leaves your website without purchasing anything then re-marketing lists for search ads enable you to hook up with these visitors.

Remarketing Lists Strategy for Google Ads: Best PPC Strategies


You can utilize this strategy in your PPC ads in two ways:

By optimizing bids for the keywords, you are using at the moment on your remarketing lists.

By bidding on all those keywords that you don’t bid usually only for the people who visit your website earlier.

If you still get confused with this strategy, then view the case study which shows how a European online retailer called Tirendo gets a massive increase of 161% to their conversion rate.


11 – Maximize Your Budget Efficiently

Every company has a fixed amount of budget which they can spend on your ad campaigns. That’s why it is quite essential to use it appropriately. The key here is to find all your campaigns that are doing best so that you can increase some budget on these campaigns, on the other hand, you should also lower the budget of all other campaigns that are not performing well.

Maximize Your Google Ads Budget Efficiently: PPC Strategies


You can easily maximize your budget if you take care of the following things:

  • Recognize the daily spending of your campaigns.
  • Check the search lost budget column to confirm the number of times your ad didn’t display because of having low budget issues.
  • Take instant action and convert your best-performing ad groups into campaigns.
  • View campaign bid simulator tool to track the performance of your campaigns when the bid position changes.
  • Having a shared budget for all your campaigns instead of using a separate budget for every individual campaign.


12 – Give Importance to Audience in Your Campaigns

The audience is no doubt an important part of your ad campaign. Targeting the right audience is very effective to enhance the impact of your search campaigns. You can easily increase the bid around the audience that is performing well.

Importance to Audience in Your PPC Campaigns


How to do that?

For that, you have to go to the audience tab of your search campaign and set the targeting to the observation in the ad group. Finally, you will see the data broken on the basis of observation audience which you need to adjust according to the CPA goals that you have set up for every individual campaign.

Check some straightforward ways for improving your PPC campaigns by targeting the audience.


13 – Improve Your Call to Actions

Call to action of your PPC ad has significant importance because usually, visitors don’t buy at first contact. You have to put some effort to convince that your website is the best for the product/service they are looking for.

By analyzing the entire journey of a customer, you can easily verify your weak areas where some information is missing or is not present in such a way that entice the users to take instant action. The best way to handle this concern is to recognize which product/service is highly appreciated by the users instead of redirecting them to all the stuff that is available at the moment.


Some Essential Strategies to Improve the CTA of your PPC

  • Add active verbs in your PPC ads to make them more compelling
  • Don’t repeat characters because there is limited space for characters
  • Focus on adding high-performance keywords to your PPC ad
  • Understand your audience before writing your ad copy
  • Perform A/B testing


How to optimize your PPC marketing in 2024

That is something quite many of us would like to do. CPC’s get more expensive constantly so therefore getting the most out of the budget is important. For those interested in more background on PPC marketing: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pay-per-click

Google is getting quite smart about understanding what kind of clicks are valuable to the user (=the searcher in this case) so ad-relevance, quality scores and landing page experiences are very important.

Here I go through some steps to optimise your PPC marketing.


Incorporating Video Ads into Your PPC Marketing Strategy

Using video content in your Pay-Per-Click campaigns can be a cost-effective way to create engaging ads without the need to create original video content from scratch.

Create multiple ad variations using different royalty-free video clips to see which ones resonate the most with your target audience. A/B testing can help you identify the most effective content.

Choose video clips that align with your campaign’s message, theme, and target audience. The videos should enhance your ad’s effectiveness and resonate with viewers.


Max out on your best performing PPC marketing campaigns, ad-groups and keywords

Find the campaigns with the highest ROAS or the lowest CPA. Make sure you are not losing impression share on these.
This is easy with a tool like windsor.ai but can also be done with other tools that do multitouch attribution and combine the performance and cost data.

Increase PPC campaigns copy

  • Rank (Bids, ad-relevance)
  • Low quality Scores (This can then depend on expected CTR, landing page experience etc.) Will go into how to optimise these in a separate post.


Decrease spend on low performing PPC campaigns

These are the campaigns eating up the ROAS and budget frm the best you should cut spend on them. Again, easy to find them with windsor.ai as it does multitouch attribution so you dont have to worry about cutting campaigns that work early in the funnel.

decrease ppc campaigns copy


Final Words: Best PPC Strategies

PPC campaigns are no doubt the backbone of marketing your business, but the strategy used to bring results from these campaigns changes constantly. Some strategies are excellent for a specific business, but for other business, they are not that much effective. So, it depends a lot on which strategy suits your business well. The best way to explore this is to test them all one by one and track their results to discover all the top strategies for your business.


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