Known Issues and Limitations with Power BI

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Known Issues and Limitations Power BI

This guide covers known issues and limitations with getting the data to Microsoft Power BI. You will find it useful, even if you use other connectors like Power BI Salesforce connector.

You can integrate the data collected by into the Microsoft Power BI visualization tool in more than one way. users with their API Key and selected data sources – like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Salesforce, Amazon – can choose Power BI as their data destination.

You can use the template from the template gallery or you can choose your fields and copy the URL on the onboarding destination page.
Windsor Select Destination Power BI

Power BI Services (WEB) is an end-user reporting tool. It uses ready reports from App Source (App template), also made by also provides templates for the Power BI Desktop app. Usually, organizations use Power BI Desktop reports made by their own IT professionals. In this case, templates are meant just as a starting point for advanced users.

If you choose to create your Power BI desktop report from scratch, select your desired fields from the field list on the Destination page. Next, copy the URL link.

This URL link is then copied in GET DATA, WEB option.

Power BI Get Data


Power BI salesforce overview template


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The URL link can bring data in JSON or in .CSV format. The JSON format is more generic and basically in text format. CSV format is Microsoft Excel compatible format that brings the data in tabular form.

  • JSON data must then be transformed inside Power BI, choosing the proper Record, Table, and Field conversions, but CSV format is “ready to go.”
  • One more significant issue is that it often happens that, for example, you will have no data in the first 100 rows in that column, in JSON format that will remove that column from the fields list. In CSV rendering, it will work just fine.
  • After importing the data into an empty report, Power BI automatically places the parameter defining the Column number. This parameter is optional, and if you want to change the number of columns later, you can now remove that parameter.

Power BI API

  • Other transformations and format adjustments are made following the rules of Power BI. Pay attention that you need to have your regional settings, like time and date format, currency, decimal point or dot, set appropriate.

Power BI locale for import

  • If you import the data via URL into the existing report, be aware that data import/refresh errors can influence the report integrity, remove fields, and break visuals. Therefore, all templates have built-in features to prevent this from happening if the URL query is invalid. It will simply show the message “Data not connected” but leave all tables visuals intact. If you download any Power BI desktop template, you can check that out.

Power BI salesforce contact

How do address issues with automatic data refresh? services refresh the data daily. All templates refresh the reports once per day in Power BI Services (WEB) version. If you need to run the Power BI Online service and refresh the dataset in Power BI Desktop, set up the gateway to enable this feature.

This feature will raise the workload of your computer, and it should be used only when necessary. Usually, daily refresh is more than enough for most users. Manual refresh is always available for both Desktop and Services (WEB) versions.

If you have any other issues or limitations concerning Power BI, support will help you solve the problem. Speak to us. 

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