Connect Klaviyo to Excel

klaviyo to excel

Analyze Your Metrics from Klaviyo in Excel

Connect Klaviyo to Microsoft Excel

It is very simple to connect Klaviyo to Excel, it can be done in a fast and easy manner with Having real-time Klaviyo data in Excel is very useful.

In this article, we’ll explain how to get both platforms connected. 


First step:

You need to select Klaviyo as Data Source and Grant Access to

klaviyo connector

Please create an API key in your Klaviyo Settings, copy it and paste it in the box above and click add. Repeat this process for all Klaviyo accounts you would like to connect.


Second Step:

In this case Select Excel As A Data Destination


Third step:

Create a new Excel Spreadsheet


Fourth Step:

Head to the Data tab and click on From Web

In the URL box paste the link as shown below:


Fifth Step:

Click on Load

Klaviyo metrics and dimensions available for streaming into Excel

Extract Klaviyo data to Excel with

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