CoinMarketCap Connector is your trusted connector for CoinMarketCap data. You can leverage the data pipeline created by the connector to automatically sync and load your cryptocurrency data to the correct destination within minutes. No coding is necessary, meaning you can complete the integration in a few easy steps. Make better crypto investment decisions with powerfully analyzed data on BI tools.

About CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap is a platform that offers real-time data about cryptocurrencies, including their current prices, trading volumes, market capitalizations, circulating supply, and other key metrics. The platform also features cryptocurrency exchanges, calendars for initial coin offerings, and other relevant events. CoinMarketCap features several products, such as crypto API, price tracking tools, cryptocurrency education, portfolio tracking, and more.

CoinMarketCap has a converter for comparing rates of coins against fiat currencies and a blockchain explorer for searching and verifying transactions. An application programming interface (API) is also available. When you sign up for an account, you receive access to a portfolio and watchlist.

CoinMarketCap Connector

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Step 1:

You need to select CoinMarketCap as a Data Source and grant access to

Step 2:

Select the fields on the right to later use in your data source. For example, you can include metrics such as Cost per Click, Cost per Action or Total Spend.



Step 3:

Select a destination to get CoinMarketCap data into

select destination

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Data Destinations for CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap metrics and dimensions available

Detailed Information About CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap provides numerous features which you will find useful. One is the crypto ranking functionality, which displays the position of crypto assets based on their market cap, price performance, and trading volume. This means you can easily spot top-performing assets, compare their positions in the market, and make informed decisions. Emerging digital assets are also displayed, which ensures you remain updated on market leaders.

Portfolio tracking is another vital feature. It helps track your profits/losses, manage cryptocurrency portfolios, and use the insights to optimize your investment strategies. If you want to know the top trending coins and tokens with the most visibility within the last 24 hours on the site, a ‘Trending’ section is available for that. By visiting it, you can comprehend the current trends, profits, and losses in the market and act accordingly.


With CoinMarketCap, you also have constant access to news and updates. The platform collects news from numerous sources and offers the most recent information on important events, market trends, regulatory developments, and more. Additionally, there’s a watchlist where you can add coins you want to track and receive real-time updates on their performance. Therefore, you can make timely decisions that could increase your profits significantly in the long run. When you synchronize CoinMarketCap with a business intelligence tool, you can analyze this data powerfully and make better decisions.

FAQ about CoinMarketCap integration via

How much does it cost to integrate CoinMarketCap with

The amount you spend on the integration can vary based on the number of destinations, data sources and accounts you want to access. The use case and data volume also matters. You are free to check’s pricing model to discover more.


Why do people choose to integrate CoinMarketCap?

People go for the connector due to the following:

  • The dashboard is customizable and can be modified to meet user needs.
  • The setup process is straightforward and automated to extract data..
  • does all the heavy work of transferring data to the correct place and maps the attribution while giving you access to data through multiple BI tools.
  • It is associated with robust multi-attribution calculation out of the box.


How long does it take to connect CoinMarketCap to the destination?

The integration may take approximately 5 minutes. This can be attributed to connector user-friendly interface that’s easy to navigate. Coding isn’t required, either.

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