Google Analytics raw, Google Ads, Facebook and data into Microsoft PowerBI

Quite many of our users are asking how they can visualise data driven attribution data in Power BI. The need is usually to get Google Analytics unsampled, Google Ads, Facebook and attribution data into a tool the company is already using for dashboards internally.

Sometimes also visualising TV-attribution performance data is needed.

This is very easy. Microsoft PowerBI has a PostgresSQL connector we support:

When you sign up for mention that you want to use PowerBI for visualisation and we will provide you with credentials to connect with.


The three steps to visualise data from are:

  1. Get credentials from
  2. Enter them in the powerBI postgres connector
  3. Pull the data and add it to a dashboard

Ideally use the caching functionality in Power BI to speed up dashboard loading times.

This way you will be able to create dashboards with:

  • Data driven attribution and cross-channel marketing performance
  • Data driven ROAS down to keyword level
  • Raw Google Analytics data
  • Facebook Ads data
  • TV-attribution
  • Also Salesforce or other CRM related data. For example qualified leads and customer journeys.
    powerBI data driven attribution google analytics raw

    Here is one example of how it can look.


When setting up the connection between Microsoft Power BI and it is important to use the caching functions in Power BI so it refreshes the data every 4 or 6 hours. This way the dashboard response times are fast and it provides a nice user experience.

No client has yet implemented the Budget Optimiser in Power BI but that is easy to use from our dashboards also and can be embedded on a company intranet if needed.

There is also the option to connect with the REST API

It provides a little bit more flexibility but the direct PostgreSQL connector is the easiest in most cases.


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