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About Google DV360

Google Display & Video 360 or DV360, formerly known as DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) is part of Googles Marketing Platform and allows marketers to buy and manage programmatic advertising across display, video, TV, audio and other channels.

About Snowflake

Snowflake is a cloud data warehouse. Contrary to on premise data bases it eliminates the need to maintain hardware infrastructure. I’s architecture allow it to scale dynamically depending on the resource consumption needed by the users. The outcome of working with a cloud data warehouse like Snowflake is a greatly increased productivity of end users working with Snowflake data.

Google DV360 metrics and dimensions available for streaming into Snowflake

Account IDTEXTYour DV360 advertiser ID
Account NameTEXTYour DV360 advertiser name
CampaignTEXTThe Campaign Name
ClicksNUMERICThe Number of Clicks
Complete Views (Video)NUMERICComplete Views (Video)
DateDATEThe Date
First-Quartile Views (Video)NUMERICFirst-Quartile Views (Video)
Fullscreens (Video)NUMERICFullscreens (Video)
impressionsNUMERICThe Number of Impressions Served
Line Item NameTEXTThe Line Item Name
Midpoint Views (Video)NUMERICMidpoint Views (Video)
Post-Click ConversionsNUMERICPost-Click Conversions
Post-View ConversionsNUMERICPost-View Conversions
Revenue (USD)NUMERICRevenue (USD)
Skips (Video)NUMERICSkips (Video)
SpendNUMERICThe Media Spend in USD
Starts (Video)NUMERICStarts (Video)
Third-Quartile Views (Video)NUMERICThird-Quartile Views (Video)
Total ConversionsNUMERICTotal Conversions
Total CostNUMERICThe Media Spend in USD (Duplicate) Easily connect Google DV360 to Snowflake

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