Filter ad accounts, countries in Google Data Studio

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Are you an agency needing to separate reporting by client? Are you working at a brand and need to separate reporting by country? If the answer to any of these two questions is yes and on top of that you work with Google Data Studio you probably had your fair share of frustration in getting it setup. In this video I’m explaining how to set up filters in two ways to achieve your goal. I’m also sharing the template which I have used to create the video as well as additional documentation and a sample CASE statement to get you started.

Here you can install the connector I’m using in the video: Ad + CRM Data + Attribution Conenctor

Here you can find the connector documentation

Here you can find the template I used in the demo

And last but not least, here comes the CASE statement I used to create the calculated field in Data Studio

WHEN Account ID IN ('242-538-1549','149332957') or Google Analytics view (profile) ID = '147986188' THEN 'Canada'
ELSE 'United States'