Looker Studio Facebook Ads Overview Report

facebook ads data studio overview report
This Facebook Ads Overview Report dashboard provides a simple one-page overview of your paid Facebook activities. It visualises costs, impressions, actions, and clicks. Calculated metrics such as CPC, CPM and cost per action are also provided. Overall there are more than 500 dimensions and metrics available which can be analysed on the following levels:

  • Campaign
  • Ad Set
  • Ad
  • Creative


This dashboard integrates with the following data sources:


To start using it:

  1. Install the connector and link your Facebook Ads account
  2. During the installation authenticate with a Facebook Account which is linked a Facebook Ads account
  3. Back in Looker Studio click CREATE REPORT
  4. Now your dashboard is ready


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Once you are done with these 4 steps and your data is loaded you can further explore the additional dimensions and metrics.

If you are missing metrics or dimensions and would like us to add them for you, do contact us via chat.


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