About the Company

P+SBD is a leading digital marketing agency headquartered in Finland. The company focuses on information technology and data to create compelling marketing strategies for other business and maximize returns on marketing investments. P+SBD has a number of high-profile clients, including Finland University.


The Problem

P+SBD wanted to unify their data streams with a real-time dashboard of all their different marketing channels, their web traffic, their online behavior as well as their internal business operations.

The goal was to identify, in one glance, which marketing channels were performing and which were not.

P+SBD had stored its data in different places, each database having a different format. These included:


The Solution

  • Connect the data from the various campaigns into one dashboard. The dashboard would have a high-level overview but also would need the option to display minute details. This way it would be easy to view all the important Key Perfomance Indicators but also drill deeper when needed.


Windsor.ai’s Approach

Our team engineered connections for all the datastream sources. When there was a need for it, we crafted customized solutions tailored to the client’s need. For instance, Zoho CRM has an awkward data export feature; Windsor.ai designed a bespoke solution for the client to integrate the CRM system with the other databases.

After setting export intervals, all the data streams through the connections to a central data warehouse. There, the data is normalised and stored for easy querying.


We created a few materialized views on the data where we joined the different data-sets to easily get the full insights and be able to correlate campaigns with traffic.Then it was easy to set-up the Tableau connection to the data-platform to query these views.

“Now we see exactly what is going on with our business and can drill deeper whenever needed easily in the dashboards with the full data-sets,” said P+SBD co-founder Micke Nordman. “This was really easy. I can warmly recommend Windsor.ai’s Data Management Platform.”

For the data scientists looking for deep insights, Windsor.ai provided an SQL interface. This enables more advanced analysis, as well as opportunities to review correlations between marketing activity and sales.

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