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Addressing attribution problems in Shopify for subscription products

In this article, we will help you solve one of the most common attribution problems in Shopify – how do you attribute subscription sales to a particular channel?  Picture this: Users coming from a particular channel purchase your subscription.  The services they avail of subsequently are not attributed to the original marketing channel.  Linking Shopify…

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What is data-driven marketing?

Data-driven marketing is the method that optimizes message-media mix based on several data points. Marketer leverage to understand the following: What are the needs of the customers? What customer problem does their product solve? How can the product solve it? How do they frame the message, and through what media mix reach out to the…

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Google Data Studio Unlocks the Potential of Marketing Data

Google Data Studio can help collate and analyze marketing data from all sources –  Facebook, HubSpot, Instagram, and more.   How is Google Data Studio better than spreadsheets? We all love spreadsheets; they make slicing and dicing of data so easy. You can play around with data, explore endless possibilities of filtering, sorting, analyzing scenarios,…

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Multichannel marketing data analysis via Python using pywindsorai

Introduction This post introduces pywindsorai, which can help you analyze your ad campaign performance over multiple channels simultaneously. Developers can use this tool to measure the performance of their campaigns, compare and contrast RoI between different marketing platforms. Being a Python library, they can then use this data directly with their favorite data analysis and…

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BlogsNews Marketing Reporting The past present and future of reporting

Marketing Reporting: The past, present and future (templates included)

The Comprehensive Reference To Marketing Reporting For Digital Marketers, Including Tools, Templates, Dashboards, and Software Marketing is the art of spreading information to attract new customers. War is ninety percent information. Napoleon Bonaparte, French Military and Political Leader Measuring information is impacting sales is where marketing reporting comes into play. In this article, we’re going…

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Data driven attribution for affiliate ROI, connexity, awin, shopbots

  How do you measure ROI or ROAS for affiliate programs like connexity, shopbots and AWIN? Many of our clients use the data driven attribution in to measure the performance of affiliate and price-comparison marketing channels. The multitouch attribution modelling gives you the conversions or revenue the affiliate programs helped bring. This is not…

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Blogs essential Marketing Performance Terms

The Marketing Performance Glossary

With the passage of time and advancement in business technology, digital marketing services are becoming the forefront channel for businesses to promote themselves and acquire new customer’s. From a small 15 person company to enterprises with over 5000 employees, digital marketing has become ever essential. As digital marketing continues to introduce new terms as a…

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How we made 40 000 000 CHF more in profit than Siroop

The performance marketing and attribution modelling startup I founded likely made 40 million CHF more in profit than Siroop in its first year. As you maybe heard Siroop is now being folded into microspot:   This isn’t because we did anything particularly remarkable.   Typically our clients improve their marketing ROI 15% or more. We focused on…

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Blogs Connecting the Online and Offline Customer Journeys

Complete the Circle: Connecting the Online and Offline Customer Journeys

Got a mature analytics platform? Great! Have a physical store where customers interact with your business face-to-face? Excellent!   But are you connecting those experiences together?   Let’s put the two halves together!   You can’t get a comprehensive view of your relationship with your customers without tying together the offline and online streams together…

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