Adverity vs Comparison: Learn the Differences

Adverity vs Comparison: Learn the Differences

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  1. Adverity Overview
  2. Overview
  3. Who Are Adverity and For?
  4. Adverity vs Data Source Connectors
  5. Adverity vs Data Destinations
  6. Adverity vs Pricing
  7. Adverity vs Ratings
  8. Adverity vs Ease of Use
  9. Adverity vs Security and Reliability
  10. Adverity vs Support
  11. Summary


Adverity and help export data from source applications to databases, spreadsheets, and business intelligence tools. Adverity has 600+ data source connectors, 28 destinations, and an AI agent that assists with intelligent data integrations. has 60+ connectors, 11 destinations, and a data analytics platform that helps you build reports in one platform. The right choice for you should depend on your data needs.


Adverity Overview

Adverity is a marketing analytics data solution for medium and large enterprises. It focuses on significantly data-driven entities, with several millions of data rows processed monthly. To meet the needs of medium and large organizations, Adverity offers 600+ data connectors and exports the data to 28 destinations that include databases, analytics tools, and API access. For efficient data integrations, Adverity has a data mapping feature, and you also have the support of an AI agent. Adverity has no free forever plan. It also does not have a free trial, but you can contact sales to book a demo.


Adverity Overview Overview delivers data integrations and insights in one platform, which is made possible by the analytics dashboard. The platform has 60+ connectors and 11 destinations that include databases. While a data mapping feature is unavailable on the platform, can significantly reduce the time spent on insights for marketers and marketing agencies. The two user groups are expressly identified on the platform. Other than that, has a free forever plan. You can also use a 7-day free trial on any pricing plan. You can also book a demo.


Coupler io overview


Who Are Adverity and For?

Adverity is a platform that is designed specifically for medium to large organizations. The platform expressly indicates so. Further, the pricing page asks for details like the size of the marketing budget, suggesting the targeting of organizations with significantly substantial marketing budgets. Another user group would be marketing agencies with colossal data requirements. While the marketing agencies are not directly identified as a target group on Adverity’s platform, the data handling capabilities of the platform make it appropriate for large market agencies. is for marketers and marketing agencies. The user groups are identified on the platform. is appropriate for marketing agencies because of its data handling capabilities, unlimited data flows, and unlimited users, especially in the business plan. With the capacity to process 1 billion data rows per month, competes well for the market niche that targets medium and large-sized businesses and large marketing agencies.


Adverity vs Data Source Connectors

Adverity has 600+ connectors. has 60+. If you are considering the two platforms, your first step must be to check whether the connectors for your data needs are available. Consider whether the platforms can provide a custom solution if any connector needs to be added. Adverity indicates that it can quickly customize data connectors for your specific needs.


Adverity data sources


Adverity has premium and core connectors. Core connectors are available with the lowest data plan, starting from $500/month. However, the platform does not define the core connectors. That makes it difficult for users. Premium connectors are accessible from $2000 per month. You can only access the connectors tied to your data plan. With Adverity, not all connectors are available at all pricing levels. ensures unlimited access to all data source connectors once you have a paid data connection plan. expressly states that you will have access to unlimited data flows, which means you can connect any application with a connector on the platform and any number of accounts. The only limit imposes is the number of data rows and runs you can make monthly. That should be enough guidance to plan your data calls.


coupler io data sources


Lastly, is better than Adverity if you can find all your connectors on the platform. The reason is that your access to data source connectors will be unlimited. You can access all 60 data source connectors with your paid plans. On Adverity, you can only access the 10 or 20 data source connectors available with your plan, and the price will be higher than what offers.


Adverity vs Data Destinations

Adverity has 28 data destinations, while has 11. Therefore, you should consider whether the data destination that best suits your needs is available on both platforms.


Adverity Data Sources


Analysis shows that Adverity charges differently for databases than other data destinations. Exporting data to Google Sheets or Looker Studio with Adverity could cost about $500/month if you are using only the core connectors. You will need at least $2000/month to export your data to a database. The same case applies to API access. The price may also increase based on the data rows you will be processing monthly because pricing for database destinations is not independent of data rows. exports data to PostgreSQL, BigQuery, and Amazon Redshift databases. Dashboards or business intelligence destinations include Looker Studio, Tableau, Power BI, Qlik, and Spreadsheet destinations include Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. The last destination listed by is JSON files.


We focus more on the database destinations because big organizations want to analyze their data from databases. Adverity certainly offers a broader variety of database destinations. The table below summarizes the database destinations provided by the two platforms.


Adverity – Database – Database Destinations
Amazon Redshift,

Microsoft Azure Synapse,



Microsoft SQL Server,



Amazon S3,

Amazon Azure Blob,




Amazon Redshift

API Access: YesAPI Access: No


Based on this analysis, you should connect with if you intend to use PostgreSQL, BigQuery, or Amazon Redshift. For all the business intelligence tools and spreadsheets, you can still access the data once you transfer it to your database, though the platforms offer direct integrations if you need to.


Adverity vs Pricing

Adverity is a solution for organizations that are data intensive. Thus, the expectation is that Adverity charges higher prices compared to Our analysis shows that $500/month is the lowest price on Adverity, but this limits your data exports to a few core data source connectors and an analytics platform like Looker Studio or Google Sheets. For a broader range of data sources and database destinations, Adverity’s price starts from $2000/month. The amount also applies to API integrations. Note that you may be charged higher depending on the data rows you process monthly because database transfer pricing is not independent of data row volume.


Pricing on starts from $49 for the Starter plan. This plan allows you to extract 10,000 rows per run or data refresh. The next plan is the Squad plan, which costs $99 and will enable you to import 50,000 rows per data run. The business plan costs $249 and can process up to 100,000 data rows per run. If your data needs exceed the above limit, you can get a custom quote for the Enterprise plan. Individuals can request custom integration or expert data services.


Each pricing plan has limited data runs or refreshes per day and month. For the Starter plan, the limit is 500 runs per month, meaning you import half a million rows per month when considering the number of rows per run. The Squad plan has a limit of 4,000 runs per month, translating to 20 million monthly data rows. The Business plan has a limit of 10,000 runs, which translates to 1 billion data rows per month. From this analysis, emerges as a competent platform that can handle big data at a price significantly lower than its competitors. has a free data plan, but the best value comes from the paid plans because you can access unlimited data flows. By data flows, means data connectors. However, the number of users will be limited per your subscription data plan. From the pricing analysis, we can surmise that there are no premium connectors as all connectors are available on all pricing plans, database destinations pricing are not independent of data rows, and users are allowed based on your data plan, so there are no unlimited users on all plans.


Adverity vs Ratings

Adverity has a rating of 4.4. Comparatively, has a rating of 4.9. is better than Adverity, given that the reviews and ratings are based on verified users of the two platforms. Several factors could explain the differences in ratings.


The data handling capabilities of, which make it as good as Adverity, are accompanied by lower prices. Therefore, users who target integrations of large data volumes would get more value for their money when using Another factor is that Adverity does not publish its pricing information, making it difficult for users to choose the platform. Lastly, we think unlimited access to data source connectors makes superior.


Adverity vs Ease of Use

Adverity and are easy to use, being codeless data connectors. It means you do not need to create or maintain any code for your data integrations. Adverity’s ease of use is extended by a data mapping feature that allows easy computation of additional metrics and dimensions from your data before the imports. This feature is essential when importing the data ready for analytics. AI data integrations support the ease of use of Adverity. The only challenge with Adverity is requiring an implementation manager to help you set up the systems. is easy to use because you can set it up as a self-service. More importantly, the platform enables easy moving from data to insights by analyzing the data intelligently in the dashboard service.


Adverity vs Security and Reliability

Our analysis considers two critical features when assessing the reliability and security of the data integration services. The factors include SOC Type 2 compliance and having a single sign-on feature. The features are available on both Adverity and The two platforms also offer other security features, including GDPR compliance. Based on this analysis, and Adverity are secure and reliable platforms for your data integration needs. You are adequately covered against the risks of data breaches based on the two security standards herein explored.


Adverity vs Support

Support on is delivered through a knowledge base and email. The knowledge base means you have an FAQ section on the website to help you with all common questions. For any other questions, you can access support via email. This is in addition to the chat features available on the platform. Lastly, you can get onboarding support if needed, but the platform is generally easy to use.


Focusing on Adverity, support includes an implementation manager when setting up and an account manager to give you ongoing support. You also get self-service resources, 24-hour chat support, and a commitment to resolve issues within 45 minutes. The support system on Adverity is more elaborate. We think that is because the system is also a little complex compared to the competitors.


Summary is a better data integration platform than Adverity. The pricing gives you more value for money. is rated 4.9 compared to Adverity, which has a rating of 4.4. You should select the platform without hesitation if you find all your data source connectors and destinations on You should only consider the more expensive Adverity platform when you don’t see the data source connectors and destinations that meet your needs. Besides that, both platforms are competent and can handle large volumes of data. For instance, the Business plan in enables you to hold 1 billion monthly data rows for only $249.


If your choice of a data integration platform is wider than Adverity and, consider the codeless connector. The connector is easy to use and can handle large datasets. You can access a free trial for one month to assess how well it handles your data.


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