Adverity vs Improvado: How Do the Data Integrators Compare?

Adverity vs Improvado

Adverity and Improvado are critical players in data integration services. Their market niche is medium to large-sized enterprises. Both have wide varieties of connectors, with Improvado at 500+ and Adverity slightly ahead at 600+. The platforms focus on sending data to data warehouses like BigQuery, Snowflake, and Amazon S3. However, with Adverity, you could send data to Looker Studio and Google Sheets directly for about $500/month. Adverity caters to small enterprises through the baseline package because they are only interested in sending data directly to spreadsheets. With Improvado, you would need to speak with the sales team directly to integrate data with Looker Studio and Google Sheets. Other than that, both platforms require you to communicate with sales to get started.


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  1. Adverity Overview
  2. Improvado Overview
  3. Who Are Adverity and Improvado For?
  4. Adverity vs Improvado: Data Source Connectors
  5. Adverity vs Improvado: Data Destinations
  6. Adverity vs Improvado: Pricing
  7. Adverity vs Improvado: Ratings
  8. Adverity vs Improvado: Security and Reliability
  9. Adverity vs Improvado: Ease of Use
  10. Adverity vs Improvado: Support
  11. Summary

Adverity Overview

Adverity is the data integration platform that transfers your data anywhere. This introduction speaks directly to the 28+ data destinations listed on Adverity’s website. Further, Adverity offers 600+ data source connectors. A study of the platform shows there are core and premium data source connectors. However, separating the core from premium connectors will only be possible by speaking to sales. Fortunately, you can pose all your questions to the sales team at Adverity by completing the form on the pricing page because pricing information also requires speaking with sales. Adverity states that it creates custom price quotations that reflect your data needs. It is essential to know that Adverity will consider your marketing budget, the number of data source connectors you intend to use, and the specific data destination applicable to your case. Adverity does not allow unlimited users on all pricing levels.


Adverity review


Improvado Overview

Improvado is an AI-powered marketing analytics and intelligence platform. Its AI agent helps you normalize, analyze, and generate insights from data, which is a key differentiating factor for Improvado. In addition, Improvado has 500+ data source connectors and connects your data to 17 data warehouse destinations.


Improvado review


Further, Improvado enables data connection to Looker Studio, Tableau, and Power BI through the data warehouses. Additionally, Improvado lists 14 analytics destinations that can be connected upon request. The platform enables API integrations. As for pricing information, you must speak with the sales teams at Improvado. Improvado does not allow unlimited users on all pricing levels.


Who Are Adverity and Improvado For?

Both platforms target medium to large-sized businesses. If your entity needs to process several millions of data rows per month, then Adverity and Improvado data integrators are designed for you. Another way to look at it is by looking at your marketing budget. A marketing budget of $10 million is typical among both Improvado and Adverity clients. Companies with huge budgets use intensive digital marketing campaigns, generating ample data resources. To make the best use of big data, companies have dedicated data science teams focusing on generating insights from the data.


What if you are not a medium or large company? You should still consider the two platforms. You can speak with the sales teams about your data connection needs, and you might get a good deal on a data connection from either platform. From our experience, Adverity has a package that starts from $500. Depending on your data needs, the package could interest you.


Lastly, suppose you are a marketing agency that does not have the huge marketing budget of large companies. In that case, you can still consider Adverity and Improvado because of their abilities to handle large datasets. The large number of data source connectors combined with data warehouse destinations means that you can create a centralized repository of all your marketing data in a database and analyze it directly from the database with business intelligence tools like Looker Studio, Power BI, and Tableau.


In a nutshell, both Adverity and Improvado are suitable for marketing agencies.

They are tools designed for large organizations. However, depending on budget and data integration needs, marketing agencies of all sizes and small enterprises could still find the platforms helpful.


Adverity vs Improvado: Data Source Connectors

Improvado has 500+ connectors. Improvado categorizes the connectors into various groups to simplify your selection of data sources. The categories include advertising, analytics, attribution, CRM, and sales. The connector types include customer support, data providers, email marketing, social media, e-commerce, payments, Google, and market automation. Other data source connectors are available for flat data and SEO and SEM data. Whatever data source connectors you consider, it might be easy to find them on Improvado based on the categories.


Improvado integrations


Most of the connectors are pre-built, so implementation of your data connection service should be speedy. However, some connectors are available on request. Examples of connectors available on request are Moz, Intercom, DoubleClick, Google Trends, and Google E-commerce. One way to view the connectors available upon request is as premium connectors. With Improvado, your data source connectors will be limited to those included in your data plan since not all connectors are available on all pricing levels. It is, therefore, important to spend time identifying all the data source connectors you require so that when you talk to sales, you are clear about your data integration needs for the period your data plan will cover.


Adverity has 600+ data source connectors. Adverity also categorizes the connectors to make it easier for you to find them. One note about the categories is that they do not necessarily include common terminology used in data connectors. Some categories include ad server, affiliate advertising, file or database, DMP, mobile, SSP, weather, and others. It is our considered opinion that these categories hardly simplify your search for suitable data connectors.

Adverity Data Sources


Adverity has core and premium connectors, but identifying them can be difficult. Further, your data plan usually includes up to 10 data source connectors in the first option and up to 20 in the second. Though you can create a custom package with the number of data source connectors you need, it is imperative to note that only the data source connectors in your data plan will be accessible. In other words, all data source connectors are unavailable at all pricing levels.


The last point about data source connectors is identifying all the connectors that meet your data needs. You should then carefully search for the connectors on both Adverity and Improvado. You should contact the sales teams only when you find the connectors on the platform. If the data source connector is unavailable on the platforms, you can ask whether a custom solution would be available for you.


Adverity vs Improvado: Data Destinations

Adverity has 28 data destinations. Improvado has about 34 destinations, but only 20 are accessible. To connect data with the rest, you must speak with sales.


Adverity data destination


Since Adverity and Improvado target users with big data, database destination pricing on either platform is not independent of data rows. Effectively, the final price you get for your data plan quotation will be factored into the number of data rows you transform every month. Adverity and Improvado consider the volume of data rows since the number shows the rate of your utilization of the connector. More importantly, the volume-based price computation affects the digital resources that the two platforms must dedicate to your data needs in the respective hubs of the platforms.


Adverity’s data destinations are grouped into categories. We are interested in the database destinations category, which lists Amazon Redshift, Azure Synapse, Firebolt, BigQuery, Microsoft SQL Server, Snowflake, and MySQL as the destinations.

Adverity’s second destination category of interest is data lakes. Adverity lists data lakes such as Amazon S3, Azure Blob, DataBricks, Microsoft Onedrive, and Google Sheets.


Focusing on Improvado, all the data lakes and databases are captured under the data warehouse category. The destinations include BigQuery, Amazon S3, Snowflake, PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure Blob, Azure SQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP HANA, Databricks, SFTP, ClickHouse, Google Cloud Storage, and Heroku. Improvado also lists Oracle and Maria DB as available on request.


A close analysis of the database destinations shows that a few are shared between the platforms. However, some destinations are available on one platform but not the other. We summarized the data destinations to help you determine which platform is best based on your intended data destination.


Common DestinationsDestinations found only in AdverityDestinations found only in Improvado
Amazon Redshift,

Google BigQuery,

Microsoft SQL Server,



Amazon S3,

Microsoft Azure Blob,


Looker Studio,


Power BI

Microsoft Azure Synapse,


Google Sheets,

Microsoft Onedrive,

Adobe Analytics,

Adobe Experience,




Microsoft SQL Azure,






Maria DB

Select either platformSelect AdveritySelect Improvado


Adverity vs Improvado: Pricing

A price comparison between Adverity and Improvado is difficult because the pricing pages on the two platforms do not have any numbers. Instead, both platforms want a custom quote tailored to your data needs. Both platforms don’t have free forever plans. We know that Adverity pricing starts at $2000/month if you are connecting to a database or API access. The price can be about $500 monthly when connecting to Google Sheets or Looker Studio, using only the core connectors. Both platforms may adjust or set the prices based on your data volume, measured in millions of data rows. To obtain definitive pricing information, submit the pricing forms on the websites of Improvado and Adverity.


Adverity vs Improvado: Ratings

The ratings are 4.4 and 4.5 for Adverity and Improvado, respectively. Improvado is rated slightly higher than Adverity. Since the platforms serve the same market, the companies claim the reviews and the reviewers on G2 are verified. We conclude that reviews reflect what the users feel about the platforms. Improvado could be a slightly better platform. However, we summarize that the platforms are highly capable of data integrations, particularly with big data.


Adverity vs Improvado: Security and Reliability

Adverity and Improvado are industry leaders in automated codeless data integration services. Both platforms offer advanced data security features and are, therefore, considered highly reliable. Some security features available on both platforms include SOC Type 2 Compliance and single sign-on. The two platforms can also restrict data integrations geographically. That can be useful for users in Europe and the United States, where data security regulations are increasingly restrictive.


Adverity vs Improvado: Ease of Use

Improvado and Adverity are relatively easy to use, especially after the initial setup. However, your organization may require implementation support when setting up, as the platforms are built for big data and database restrictions. An implementation manager will assist you with the process.


Two essential features make using the platforms more accessible. The first is the data mapping feature, which is available on both platforms. The data mapping feature simplifies how you shape data by enabling the computation of additional dimensions and metrics when exporting data. The second important feature is the AI agent, available on both platforms. In Adverity, it helps you with integrations. In Improvado, the AI agent helps with insights from your data. Overall, these tools make using the connectors easy.


Adverity vs Improvado: Support

Support is essential, particularly when you need assistance using either platform. Our analysis shows that the support level on the platforms is adequate to meet your needs and will always answer your questions. Adverity offers an implementation manager and an ongoing account manager in addition to 24-hour chat support. Adverity resolves support tickets within 45 minutes. In the case of Improvado, support includes a dedicated customer support manager. You also get standard support and premium support in line with your SLA. Overall, the two platforms offer adequate support.



In summary, selecting between Improvado and Adverity should be based first on your data needs. Create a comprehensive list of your data sources, identify your analytics tools, and define your data destination. With the list, approach Improvado and Adverity for a price quotation. You can access the pricing page on the two platforms to submit your request for information. Following this process will help you to make the right choice. This guide enables you to assess your data needs against the features of the two data integration systems.


The data integration platform is another competitive service you should consider when addressing your data connection needs. The platform provides a codeless data connection service with destinations in databases and business intelligence tools. Visit our website to test the data connection for 30 days without any charges. The free trial will help you make an informed choice of your data integration solution.


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