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Do you want to create powerful and dynamic workflows? Let Windsor help you unlock the potential of HubSpot and MySQL data integration. Create flawless automation that extracts, transforms, and loads data between your apps and services.

HubSpot to MySQL

Automate Hubspot + MySQL integration with no-code tools

Transferring marketing data from HubSpot to MySQL can be stressful and time-consuming, especially if you have to write complicated scripts. What if you can bypass this lengthy process? enables you to seamlessly transfer your HubSpot data to a supported data warehouse through ETL.

The native connector makes it easy for your marketing department to obtain valuable insights about customers, campaigns, and workflows within minutes. By extracting data from HubSpot, transforming it, and loading it to a warehouse, the connector ensures a single reference point for viewing your data. It also becomes possible to compare this data with data sets from other systems to get a clear picture of your organization’s marketing info.

ETLing data might involve complex processes like schemas, authentication, JSON, SSL, templates, parameters, and more. With, you can automate data transferring between locations, providing you with the analytical resources needed for business growth.


Why do I need Hubspot and MySQL integration?’s intuitive no-code and low-code tools give you a chance to develop customized integrations between HubSpot and MySQL through our robust visual API connectors. We provide a fast, safe, and cost-friendly setup process to enhance your business’s quality and efficiency.


Easy to use

As a code-free web service tool, Windsor offers a user-friendly interface that IT professionals and business users lacking technical skills can navigate hassle-free.


Fully cloud-based

Be ready to enjoy modern cloud agility, security, and scalability. Say goodbye to deployment or manual upgrades.


A comprehensive set of features

We support a broad range of data integration tasks from a single interface that doesn’t necessitate any coding. Our platform can handle ELT, ETL, Reverse ETL, workflow automation, bidirectional data sync, and more.


Simplified workflow management

You will no longer have to perform the same task over and over again. By automating these activities, the integration simplifies workflow. You save time and resources so your team can put their focus on other strategic initiatives.



Enjoy MySQL’s customizable features to meet your unique business needs. You are free to create tables, custom fields, and workflows using your HubSpot data for specific use cases. Modify your sales and marketing processes to align with evolving market conditions and customer preferences as needed.


Data security

Access MySQL’s powerful security features and safeguard sensitive customer data by transferring your HubSpot data to MySQL. Attain peace of mind knowing your sales and marketing data is safe and complies with data protection rules.


Unified data management

By connecting HubSpot to MySQL, you consolidate data from different sources and put it in one central place. This way, you can get a complete picture of customer behavior and develop personalized marketing efforts for improved business performance.

How to connect HubSpot to MySQL

1. Register

Register or login if you already have an account.

2. Select your source

You need to select HubSpot as a Data Source and Grant Access to

hubspot connector

3. Select Destination
Choose MySQL as the destination.

MySQL destination

4. Sync your Data
Fill Database host, Database name, Username, Password, and other fields to connect MySQL and click Save.


What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a comprehensive marketing and sales software that assists businesses in automating their marketing campaigns and communicating with clients across different channels. The platform also allows you to automate reporting, as well as supports web traffic analysis and extensive campaign personalization to enhance business growth.

What is MySQL?

MySQL is an open-source relational database management system. It is used to store and organize large data sets in a structured manner for easy access and management. Moreover, the software can be used with other applications to develop applications that need relational database functionality.

What data can you extract from HubSpot?

Through HubSpot’s API, you can extract data such as:

  • Individual contacts
  • Company info
  • Data about deals
  • Customer support ticket info
  • Products’ info
  • Website traffic data
  • Email performance
  • Data about automated workflows
  • Social media engagement data
  • Third-party integrations

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