Adverity vs Comparison Review: Which One Should You Go For?

Adverity vs Comparison

Adverity and are comparable data integration platforms. For a good start, both platforms have a data mapping feature that helps you shape the data before transferring it. Adverity has 600+ data source connectors. has 500+. With Adverity, you can extract data to 28 destinations, while connects you to 27 data destinations. By the sheer number of data source connectors and destinations, Adverity and will meet the needs of most organizations, irrespective of size. However, note that Adverity and do not allow unlimited users on your data plan. Our review of the data integrators seeks to help you make the right choice by looking into the practical applications of the two platforms. Here is a brief summary of the two platforms to get you started:


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  1. Adverity Overview
  2. Overview
  3. Who Are Adverity and For?
  4. Adverity vs Pricing
  5. Adverity vs Data Source Connectors
  6. Adverity vs Data Destinations
  7. Adverity vs Security and Reliability
  8. Adverity vs Rating
  9. Adverity vs Support
  10. Adverity vs Ease of Use
  11. Summary
Data Source Connectors600+500+
Data Destinations2827
API AccessYesYes
Free TrialNoYes
Starting Price$500/month for core connectors

$2000 (For all connectors)

G2 Rating4.44.5



Adverity is famous for its many pre-built connectors. With 600+ data source connectors and 28 destinations, including API integrations, Adverity ensures access to all commonly used data applications. Adverity does not publish its pricing information since it seeks to provide custom quotations that reflect customer data needs. However, indicative prices show that Adverity starts from $500. That price gives you access to the core connectors, and you need to speak with sales to determine which connectors are core. The cost for all connectors would be upwards of $2000. The $2000 price applies if your data destinations are data lakes and databases. Overall, Adverity is a platform that transfers data anywhere.


Adverity review Overview has a large number of connectors at 500+. The number of data destinations is also commendable at 27. However, the features of go beyond connectors and destinations. The platform offers a dashboard feature that allows you to extract data from your sources and produce reports in the Funnel hub. The platform also has a pre-built data model that simplifies how you interact with your marketing data. An overview of the pricing plans on shows that the platform has a free plan, a single standard-priced data plan, and a plan you can customize. The price plan starts at $399/month. In the following sections, we focus on determining the value for money in the priced plans. The Funnel Dashboard feature lets you quickly go from data to intelligence within one platform. review


Who Are Adverity and For?

Though they can serve the needs of all business sizes, including marketing agencies, Adverity and are designed to specifically meet the marketing analytics requirements of medium to large organizations. We know this because the pricing plans are relatively large for Adverity and compared to other data integration services in the market. Adverity’s pricing page has language that suggests the use by single business entities.


Additionally, both platforms restrict access to the number of connectors for both the data sources and destinations. The restrictions create a usage structure that can only support single business entities that are medium to large. One characteristic that such businesses must share is having extensive digital marketing expenditures. As such, companies need to analyze the marketing data for informed strategies.


Lastly, regarding the target audience for Adverity and, we feel that the platforms may not be suitable for marketing agencies with many clients running multiple digital marketing campaigns. The inflexibility of both platforms regarding data source connectors and data destinations may create a bottleneck for the data processing needs of large marketing agencies.


Adverity vs Pricing

Our analysis highlights indicative prices on Adverity, starting from $500. The price is just indicative because the platform does not publish pricing information. The inquiry form published on the pricing page of Adverity’s website shows that the entity considers the number of data source connectors and the destination. Adverity offers two plans for data source connectors. The first plan is for organizations to use up to 10 data source connectors. The second option is for organizations using up to 20 data source connectors. If your intended uses exceed 20 data sources, or you are unsure, indicate that you are uncertain about the pricing form. You will get a custom quote.


Adverity price


Regarding data destinations, selecting a database such as BigQuery would push the starting price to about $2000. Database destinations pricing is not independent of data rows, meaning that Adverity may ask to count the data rows you export periodically. Adverity has no free trials or free-for-life plans. The only way to experience Adverity before purchasing a plan is by talking to sales and booking a demo. is different. First, it offers a free-for-life service called Starter, which means you can test the service to determine how well it suits your data needs. The free version allows you to select from among 230 core connectors, connect to 6 sources at a time, extract data from Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, or Looker Studio, and visualize data in Funnel Dashboards. price


The only plan with a set price is the Business plan, which is recommended. It starts at $675. You can choose from 381+ core connectors, include three custom connectors, and extract data to any of the 27 data destinations for that price. Note that database destination pricing is not independent of data rows, meaning that may ask to count the data rows you export periodically. In addition to the 11 destinations, users also get to analyze the data in Funnel Dashboards. Lastly, offers a custom service, which means the price would be customized further to the needs of the customer.


The pricing of Adverity and data integrations differs when you compare the base price of $500 in Adverity and the Business plan price of $399. However, to clarify the price comparison, it is good to select the data sources in both platforms and set the data destination. In Adverity, for instance, setting the destination as a database like BigQuery raises the price to $2000. The pricing of does not vary if you simply switch from a spreadsheet or business intelligence tool to a database.


Adverity vs Data Source Connectors

The two platforms have large numbers of data source connectors. records have 500+ connectors. 230+ of these connectors are considered core connectors, including Google Ads, YouTube, TikTok, and other popular digital marketing channels. The rest are generally custom or customizable connectors. A platform with such a high number of data source connectors shows its capability to meet the data needs of many business entities, so all popular connectors should be available on the platform. data source



One good note about is that the core connectors are identified. Further, all the connectors are accessible only when users subscribe to the paid plan. These facts allow users to decide what data integration plan is best for their data needs.


Adverity has premium connectors that are accessible from $2000. However, the core connectors are accessible from $500. Users may need help determining which connectors are core and which are premium. Further, Adverity limits the number of connectors that one can use. Depending on the plan, the users can use up to 10 and up to 20 connectors. The only advantage is that users can choose from the 600+ data source connectors.


Adverity data sources


Overall, this analysis finds that Adverity and have many data source connectors, and also provides custom connectors. However, the number of connectors you can use at a time is limited by established pricing plans. Users who intend to use many connectors together should ensure the number of connectors is supported in the pricing plans.


Adverity vs Data Destinations

Adverity and enable you to export data to various destinations, but you can select only one destination at a time. That is because you only get access to some data destinations at some pricing levels. You must select and specify only one destination when seeking a price quotation. The connection to data destinations is through pre-built connectors. Adverity lists a total of 28 destinations, while lists 27 destinations.


The destinations that connects to include spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. The dashboards and business intelligence destinations include Looker Studio, Power BI, Tableau, and Google Analytics 4. Database destinations include BigQuery, Snowflake, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, SFTP, and Azure Blob Storage. Note that all the destinations are available with the paid plan on Apart from the above destinations, lists other destinations on the platform but with a badge showing that can quickly customize a connector for the selected destination. Additional charges may apply if you choose a custom data destination. Talk to the sales team for more information.


Adverity lists 28 destinations. This means the variety of readily available destination connectors is wider on Adverity than on You may notice the two destinations share several common destinations. However, some destinations are unique to each platform. When choosing between the two platforms, it is instructive to find whether the destinations of your data needs are readily available on the two platforms or whether your preferred platform can quickly provide a custom destination connector for you.


The last important aspect of data destinations concerns API access. grants API access starting from $399, but you must talk to sales to connect. On Adverity, API access starts from $2000. Again, you must speak to sales. Compare the pricing below for a selected few common data destinations.


BigQueryStarting from $2000Starting from $1100
SnowflakeStarting from $2000Starting from $1100
Azure SQL/BlobStarting from $2000Starting from $1100
Amazon S3Starting from $2000Starting from $1100
MySQLStarting from $2000Starting from $1100
PostgreSQLStarting from $2000Starting from $1100
Looker StudioStarting from $500Starting from $399
Power BIStarting from $500Starting from $1100
TableauStarting from $500Starting from $1100
Microsoft ExcelStarting from $500Starting from $399
Google SheetsStarting from $500Starting from $399


Adverity vs Security and Reliability

By our analysis’s standards, Adverity and are adequately secure. Both platforms are compliant with SOC Type 2 security standards. Further, the platforms offer single sign-on/MFA features. also enables data restriction based on geographical regions. Overall, the platforms meet the minimum security requirements.


Adverity vs Rating

Ratings reflect verified user experience, so the platform with a higher rating is deemed better based on user experience. If that’s true, should be the better data integration platform since it has a 4.5-star rating on G2. Comparatively, Adverity has a rating of 4.4. We feel that the ability to analyze your data directly from, together with a more competitive pricing plan, accounts for’s better rating.


Adverity vs Support

Our analysis of the nature of support that you can get on the paid plan shows that users get priority in-app support when on the Business plan. This means that users get better support than those on the free Starter plan. However, if you are on the Enterprise plan, you also get support in accordance with the Enterprise SLA. You also have access to technical account management.


Adverity support includes 24-hour live chat, an implementation manager to help you set up the data integrations, and an account manager for ongoing support. While Adverity’s support is more advanced than that of, it also signals that the platform may be a little complex to use.


Adverity vs Ease of Use is certainly easier to use than Adverity. You know this because you will require an implementation manager to get you started with Adverity, while you can get started with self-service on Once your data integration service is set up, data transfers are automated, and you do not need to maintain any code for the connectors.



Our analysis of and Adverity shows that both platforms offer competent data integration services. Choosing between the two should be guided first by the availability of data source connectors and destinations for your specific needs. Then, consider the price.


From this analysis, is the better service when you want API access or send data to databases because the price of $399 is significantly lower than the $2000 in Adverity. also gives you access to more connectors than Adverity at all the highlighted price levels. Besides, the Funnel Dashboard offers an added advantage since you can build your report dashboards directly from


If your choice of connectors is not restricted to Adverity and, look into the codeless connectors. Use the one-month free trial to help you determine how works to meet your data needs.



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