– March 2020 Release: Hubspot, Zoho, AdRoll, connectors

March 2020 Release
In this release we cover three topics:
  • Integration with additional CRM systems
  • App attribution
  • Media connectors

Integration with additional CRM systems

Connecting CRM with analytics data is still an abstract topic for many marketers. However, with increasing digital spendings it’s natural that attribution is getting more attention in the C-Suite. We have listened and developed integrations for Hubspot and Zoho CRM to complement the existing Salesforce and Marketo integrations.

windsor ai march 2020 release zoho and hubspot customer journey

Integrations to these systems help advertisers to capture the whole customer journey from paid media, email, organic traffic to CRM lead, opportunity and revenue.
We’re pleased to allow B2B, SaaS, complex B2C marketers to finally measure what matters.
We’re actively working on additional CRM integrations . Contact us if your CRM system is currently not supported and we’ll add it to our roadmap.

App attribution

The app attribution market, contrary to web analytics, is still a very fragmented market. For advertisers working on both app and web-site attribution this often leads to a nightmare of multiple systems with multiple dashboards and different metrics.
With our connector we officially launched our first integration to app attribution platforms.
If you would like your app attribution platform supported, please contact us.
AdRoll is frequently used so we decided to add the integration by popular demand.

We’re supporting the following AdRoll metrics and dimensions:
  • Spend
  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • Total conversions
  • Click through conversions
  • View through conversions
  • Attributed revenue
  • Attributed click-through revenue
  • Attributed view-through revenue
  • Campaign Name
These are just the key update we released this cycle. If you’re a customer, check out the updates section for a full recap of the release.


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