Data driven attribution for affiliate ROI, connexity, awin, shopbots

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How do you measure ROI or ROAS for affiliate programs like connexity, shopbots and AWIN? Many of our clients use the data driven attribution in to measure the performance of affiliate and price-comparison marketing channels. The multitouch attribution modelling gives you the conversions or revenue the affiliate programs helped bring.

This is not yet actionable in itself though. The attributed performance figures have to be connected to cost data to be comparable. Only when you know how much was paid for those conversions or revenue it can be compared to the other channels and assessed whether its a good investment or not.

We generally see very good performance of most of the affiliate programs. Especially its working well for many e-commerce clients when compared with the rising CPC prices on google.

Data driven attribution with affiliate customer journey

Customer journey with connexity affiliate channel


Here are some of the affiliate programs many clients use:

Increasing the volume on the very profitable affiliate channels is sometimes not so straightforward though. Sometimes the only way to do it is via increasing the product catalog instead of increasing the bids and budgets.

Then there is the other challenge of getting the cost data. With connexity we have automatic cost import so for any advertiser using connexity they can automatically get the ROAS for connexity with data driven attribution.

We are working with many of the other affiliate programs and price comparison sites to set up automatic data transfer.

If there are some price comparison or affiliate channels you would like to see automatic data import from just let us know. AWIN is probably the one being asked the most currently. Also the price comparison sites in Germany like and also in Switzerland are being requested quite a lot.

Amazon ads especially in e-commerce is growing fast but e-commerce companies are a bit wary about amazon growing so big and powerful.