Top 10 Marketing & Sales APIs for Effective Data Aggregation

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Best Marketing & Sales API’s used for Data Aggregation

For non-technical data-driven marketers, understanding API connectors is crucial. API, or Application Programming Interface, sets rules and protocols for effective communication between programs. Marketing API connectors play a pivotal role in maintaining a consistent and seamless data supply chain, keeping marketers updated on the latest market trends. These connectors are categorized based on the connected system or supported protocol.

In the competitive landscape of digital marketing, businesses can leverage their own data as a powerful resource on the path to success. For data-driven marketers, navigating this cutthroat environment requires an understanding of the challenges faced by organizations, from startups to multinational corporations, in establishing an intelligent data management system that spans various marketing channels.



What are API connectors?

API connectors, short for Application Programming Interface connectors, play a crucial role in facilitating communication between different software applications, systems, or platforms. The term “API” stands for Application Programming Interface, representing a set of rules and protocols that govern how different software components should interact with each other.

In the context of marketing, API connectors are tools or interfaces that help establish a connection between various marketing platforms, channels, or services. These connectors contribute to maintaining a consistent and seamless data supply chain, ensuring that information flows smoothly between different elements of a marketing ecosystem.

API connectors are often categorized based on the systems they connect to or the protocols they support. They serve as bridges between different applications, enabling them to share data and functionalities. In the realm of marketing, businesses can leverage various marketing API connectors to enhance their marketing efforts and improve online sales.

By integrating data from different marketing channels through APIs on a single platform, businesses can gain a comprehensive and vivid picture of the virtual market. This consolidated view allows for more informed decision-making and enables businesses to carry out processes that contribute to improving the overall customer experience.


Top 10 Marketing and Sales APIs for Effective Data Aggregation


1. Facebook Ads API

Effectively oversee all your Facebook ads using the Facebook Ads API, empowering you to create applications for promoting your products and services on a social media platform with over 2.7 billion active users. Through this API, you can access real-time statistics on your Facebook Ads and securely store all your data in the data warehouse of your choice.

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2. LinkedIn Ads API

The LinkedIn Ads API offers valuable insights into the performance of your LinkedIn Ads, providing details such as the number of impressions, clicks, ad spend, and demographic information. Utilizing the API enables you to enhance the productivity of your advertising efforts on LinkedIn, ultimately leading to improved results and effectiveness in your ad campaigns.

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3. Google Analytics API

The API offers one of the most sophisticated programmatic approaches to access Google Analytics data. Through the Google Analytics Reporting API, you can conduct ROI analysis, monitor the performance of all your marketing campaigns, and develop custom dashboards that present analytics data in a clear format. The API serves as a time and effort-saving tool, streamlining the process of extracting and analyzing valuable insights from GA4.

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4. Google Ads API

The API serves as a programmatic interface to Google Ads, empowering developers to construct applications that seamlessly interact with the Google Ads platform. This functionality simplifies the management of intricate Google Ads accounts and campaigns. Having the API at your disposal enables you to access all your marketing and sales data conveniently, putting valuable insights right at your fingertips.

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5. Salesforce API

Utilize the Salesforce Data Integration API to eliminate manual data entry tasks and mitigate the risk of errors. This API streamlines the process of handling your business’s essential data, ensuring its safety and securely storing it in a data warehouse.

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6. Facebook Insights API

Monitor your brand’s performance on the largest social media platform using Facebook Insights. Stay informed with comprehensive reports detailing your historical and current data, including brand reach, ad performance, and customer engagement statistics.

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7. Google DoubleClick Manager API

The Google DoubleClick Manager API empowers you to effortlessly manage and monitor all your online advertisements. This API connector streamlines multiple processes integral to data aggregation, such as integration, analysis, and reporting. This simplification contributes to the smooth and effective management of campaigns, enhancing overall campaign efficiency.

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8. Bing Ads API

The Bing Ads API is crafted by integrating various web services, empowering developers to effectively oversee advertising campaigns hosted on Bing. With this API, you have the capability to consolidate all your data from Bing Ads into a unified platform, allowing you to seamlessly create new advertising campaigns or make modifications to existing ones.

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9. MailChimp API

The MailChimp API offers a straightforward means to aggregate all your MailChimp data, empowering you to efficiently manage campaigns, audiences, trigger event-based emails, and more. By leveraging the MailChimp API, you can consolidate both historical and current data, utilizing it strategically for business success.


10. YouTube Analytics API

The YouTube Analytics API provides developers with the capability to generate customized reports containing YouTube Analytics data. By utilizing this API, you gain access to all the data associated with your videos on YouTube, allowing for in-depth analysis and insights into their performance.

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In conclusion, Marketing API connectors are essential for businesses of all sizes, facilitating hassle-free data integration, sharing, and exchange.’s pre-built marketing connectors empower businesses to automate tasks, bringing efficiency to marketing and sales operations. By integrating data from multiple marketing sources, businesses can gain valuable insights to strategize marketing campaigns and boost sales.


Some of the key advantages of include:

  • supports API integrations, allowing businesses to connect with other tools and platforms seamlessly
  • specializes in attribution modeling, helping businesses understand the contribution of each marketing channel to conversions
  • The platform facilitates cross-channel reporting, providing a unified and coherent overview of marketing activities across various channel
  • Businesses can create customizable marketing dashboards tailored to their specific needs
  •’s multi-touch attribution modeling software enables analysis and optimization of customer journeys across all touchpoints
  • > 75 data sources to 14 data destinations
  • Extract – Transform – Load functionality for all data destinations available on all plans
  • All connectors available on all plans
  • Database destination pricing independent of row count


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