Connect Google Analytics (GA4) to Tableau

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Analyze Metrics from GA4 in Tableau


Benefits of connecting GA4 and Tableau

  1. Data Visualization: By integrating GA4 with Tableau, you can create interactive and visually appealing dashboards that consolidate your GA4 data.
  2. Combine Multiple Data Sources: Tableau supports the integration of multiple data sources. By combining GA4 data with other relevant data sources, such as CRM or sales data, you can gain a more comprehensive view of your business performance.
  3. Real-time Analysis: Tableau supports real-time data analysis, allowing you to visualize and analyze your GA4 data as it is generated.
  4. Advanced Analytics: Tableau offers advanced analytics and predictive modeling capabilities. By integrating GA4 data, you can leverage these features to uncover deeper insights, identify correlations, and make data-driven predictions to guide your strategic decisions.


Connect GA4 to Tableau in 2024

It is very simple to connect Google Analytics 4 to Tableau, it can be done in a fast and easy manner with


First step:

You need to select GA4 as a Data Source and Grant Access to

ga4 connector


2. Go to “Select Destination” and choose Tableau

tableau select destination


After choosing Tableau as your data destination, copy and save the API URL that appears into your clipboard as seen in the image below.

tableau select destination url


Step 3: Log in to Tableau Desktop and create a new Data source

On your Tableau desktop, create a new data source; click on More on the right panel and click on web data connector, as shown in the screenshot below

Log in to Tableau Desktop


Add the copied URL from the previous step to the next screen and paste it into your Tableau desktop. 

copied URL tableau desktop

That’s it! Please wait for the connector’s magic and import all your GA4 data into Tableau as an extract. Once the data extraction is complete, Tableau will open a new worksheet, and you can begin analyzing your data.


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