Sample[your API key]&date_preset=last_7d&fields=date,campaign,clicks,installs,spend,impressions&_renderer=csv
The Apple Search Ads connector lets you pull Apple Search ads data on a campaign level. If you specify the fields date_from and date_to it will filter for a absolute date range (example: &date_from=2021-10-01&date_to=2021-10-10 instead of &date_preset=last_7d would return data from October 1st to October 10th 2021 instead of the last 7 days).


appTEXTAppThe App Name
campaignTEXTCampaignThe Campaign Name
campaign_idTEXTCampaign IDThe Campaign ID
clicksNUMERICClicksThe Number of Clicks
conversion_rateNUMERICConversion RateThe Conversion Rate
cpaNUMERICCost Per AcquisitionThe Average Cost Per Acquisition
cpmNUMERICCost Per Thousand ImpressionsThe Average Cost Per Thousand Impressions
cptNUMERICCost Per TapThe Average Cost Per Tap
dateDATEDateThe Date
impressionsNUMERICImpressionsThe Number of Impressions
installsNUMERICInstallsThe Number of installs
lat_off_installsNUMERICLat off installsThe Lat Off Installs
lat_on_installsNUMERICLat on installsThe Lat On Installs
new_downloadsNUMERICNew DownloadsThe Number of New Downloads
re_downloadsNUMERICRe DownloadsThe Number of Re Downloads
spendNUMERICSpendThe Media Spend
totalcostNUMERICTotalcostThe Media Spend
ttrNUMERICTap Through RateThe Tap Through Rate