Sample[your API key]&date_preset=last_7d&fields=campaign,clicks,spend,impressions,date,source&_renderer=csv


account_idTEXTAccount IdThe account id
account_nameTEXTAccount NameThe account name
account_numberTEXTAccount NumberThe Microsoft Advertising assigned number of an account.
account_statusTEXTAccount StatusThe account status
ad_group_idNUMERICAd group IDThe ID of the AdGroup.
ad_group_nameTEXTAd groupThe name of the AdGroup.
adnetwork_conversionsNUMERICAd Network ConversionsThe ad network reported conversions
adnetwork_revenueNUMERICAd Network RevenueThe ad network reported revenue
all_conversion_rateNUMERICAll Conversion RateThe conversion rate as a percentage.
all_conversionsNUMERICAll ConversionsThe number of conversions.
all_cost_per_conversionNUMERICAllCostPerConversionThe cost per conversion.
all_revenueNUMERICAll RevenueThe revenue optionally reported by the advertiser as a result of conversions.
all_revenue_per_conversionNUMERICAll Revenue Per ConversionThe revenue per conversion.The formula for calculating the revenue per conversion is (Revenue / Conversions).
all_roasNUMERICAllReturnOnAdSpendThe return on ad spend (ROAS).The formula for calculating the ROAS is (Revenue / Spend).
average_cpcNUMERICAverage CpcThe average cost per click (CPC). The total cost of all clicks on an ad divided by the number of clicks. This is the average amount you're actually charged each time your ad is clicked.
average_cpmNUMERICAverage CpmThe total advertising cost divided by the number of impressions (in thousands).
average_positionNUMERICAverage PositionThe average position of the ad on a webpage.
campaignTEXTCampaignThe campaign Name
campaign_idTEXTCampaign IDThe campaign ID
clicksNUMERICClicksThe number of clicks
dateDATEDateThe date
deviceTEXTDevice TypeDevice type
final_urlTEXTThe Final URL of the keywordOnly the first URL in the list is reported. If the URL contains dynamic text substitution parameters (for example, {param1}), the report will contain the URL before substitution.
final_url_suffixTEXTFinal Url SuffixA place in your final URL where you can add parameters that will be attached to the end of your landing page URL.
impression_share_percentNUMERICImpression Share PercentThe estimated percentage of impressions, out of the total available impressions in the market you were targeting.
impressionsNUMERICImpressionsThe number of impressions
keywordTEXTKeywordThe keyword.
keyword_idNUMERICAd group IDThe keyword ID.
spendNUMERICSpendThe media spend
top_impression_rate_percentNUMERICTop Impression Rate PercentThe percentage of times your ad showed in the mainline, the top placement where ads appear above the search results, out of your total impressions.
totalcostNUMERICTotal CostThe media spend (Duplicate)
transactionrevenueNUMERICRevenueThe amount of revenue
transactionsNUMERICConversionsThe number of conversions